“What Is” affirms that no precursor (“nothing is”) ever was.

  • Thus an “Eternal Past” and “Eternity” are both reasonable notions.
  • And should dimensional “Space” have a beginning, faith in possibilities beyond physics is naturally reasonable.

In fact it is more reasonable than not to believe in the supernatural based on accepted scientific evidence that declares our universe and thus all universes had a beginning.  Creation is logically credible lest scientific bias be religious.

Faith is every person’s primal economy of life as it is not possible for us to physically acquire and retain absolute Truth.  Denouncing faith is philosophically hypocritical.  Know that we are wholly isolated if it were not for material integrations known as human sensation.  FREE BOOK –>  Purgatory Judicial Prudence is a fictitious story, written to demonstrate this philosophy.  Click book title to read.

Should one accept and adopt the plausible belief of Creation, it stands to reason that other forms of life could have been architected and fashioned such as spirit persons and therefore organized societies in the Heavenly Realms.  Let’s face it, spirituality must be adopted to experience Spiritual Fruit.  We invite you to stay connected to learn more.


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