Prayer Strategy #1 – Ongoing Status Reports

Welcome to, my living story.

In my post Passionate Christians Live Intentionally, I have publicly committed to regular prayer in 2020 after articulating my onboard Christian roadmap.  I work for the Lord now.  Genuinely I am a good person but obviously I could be better.  Some of these battles frankly have gone on for years.  Prayer strategy #1 is meant to assist a veteran of spiritual warfare like myself.  Perhaps you could benefit from this initiative as well.  My strategy is that I am required to conduct status report meetings with my Lord daily.

I refuse to avoid this daily meeting even when I mess up.  I am clearly sovereign and acknowledge authority over these problems.

In my weakness there will likely not be more than one or two issues in the hopper at any given time.  The objective is to successfully correct discrepancies before taking on new assignments.  Under current operations let us follow a trajectory rather than pretending that perfection is at all reachable.  As such we should willfully prioritize our social conflicts.  According to my understanding of the Judeo-Christian Bible, all of us are already endowed with everlasting futures.  I have decided personally that any problems nurturing spiritual death outweigh those that prematurely push my transition from one layer of abstraction to the next.  I begin this strategy today, April 7, 2020.

Passionate Christians Live Intentionally

Welcome to, my life story.

Passionate Christians Live Intentionally.  This is my activated motto and obvious tagline for  We have been told that all are sinners and fall short of the glory of God.  This in my opinion should therefore be a directive for all who claim to revere holiness in the Word.  Imperfection is not tantamount to hypocrisy but include personal apathy into this equation and our shortcomings clearly degrade the example we set before us.

I am a highly challenged sovereign person.  I am sure you are too.  Each person I love is also sovereign.  All free-spirited persons in humanity possess epistemological authority.  Since I have settled the great conundrum that underscores all thought I must be an example, though ridicule and demand is certain.  Welcome to my life, it can be yours too.

2020 – Easing toward open display and respect

  • Strengthen my relationship with the Lord through routine prayer.
  • Study Holy revelation regularly, adopt and share.
  • Be a change agent by example.
  • Let selflessness benefit others.

Flight from Atheism

Welcome to, my living story.

Flight from Atheism

Few atheists will totally abandon Love’s objective value proposition.  Doing so darkens the sovereign mind to unacceptable levels.  I for one have been extremely disappointed with its limiting performance.  Thankfully the fruitful scripture of Holiness is there for all to test.  It is the spiritual pen of satisfying artistry.  God is an artist.

John 10:10 (NASB) says “… I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.”  I can see this motion.  Now proof of atheism does not exist, but Joy is a very real experience capable of demonstrating this artistry of the Lord.  I therefore submit to the work of Jesus Christ.

Science is philosophically chaotic and realistically limited, yet many people will not recognize a Heavenly authority unless forced to do so by a scientific proof that is impossible to acquire.  Free from coercion, I willfully believe in Holy Scripture so that I may experience life more abundantly.