Author’s Legacy

I am eternal. Welcome to Heavenly Realms. True children of God stand out from all others. They are the only ones drawn to the spirit of light and passionately striving to align themselves with the Father while living under the grace of Christ, proclaiming holy justice as a beautiful work of art. is becoming my legacy by the overflow of my revival.  1st Peter compels me to evaluate and articulate my personal journey from contempt to eternal submission. I do so as a humble veteran of Spiritual Warfare, i.e. in spite of my standing imperfections. This Internet location is my scratchpad containing a history of inspiring artifacts that are used to help develop the book you are presently reading.

My faith is complex and holistically interwoven. You should not presume that it might collapse like a house of cards.  No, rather let it show that faith is not blind, for blind faith is mostly myth.

I’m pretty sure that none of us is omniscient or all-knowing. For this reason all people necessarily operate under the influence of faith as an imperative enabler. This is a great common denominator of all humanity. I happen to believe that this is by artistic design. As I see it anybody who attacks faith by its virtue openly shares their ignorance and indecisiveness. Speaking as a former atheist, I know these arguments over religious faith are underscored in operational defiance. Atheism is a power play, plain and simple. And apparently it is not an escape from faith.

Likewise, following Christ is my power play and for good reason. Let’s not subscribe to any clichés that suggest Reason and Faith are mutually exclusive. My faith stands over pillars of reason. Always be prepared, says the apostle Peter, to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.

As mentioned earlier I see faith as an enabler in life. Fearing it is somewhat irrational. Jesus Christ has an open door policy and enthusiastic faith provides an exit from atheism should anyone desire his blessings and gifts. As I continue journaling why I have received Jesus Christ into my life, let me stop here and tell you how you can do the same.

Believing in Christ Jesus is no more difficult than making an attitude adjustment or choosing a different view. It’s that simple.  This I have proved. If bowing down to the Lord requires hard scientific proof, this means you will only belief by force.  An obvious definition of character, in my view.

The fact is, proof is debatable. Science cannot prove the existence of spirits. This I admit along with acknowledging the obvious that evidence is subjective. Trusting Holy Scripture is as easy as knowing who your parents are without demanding a DNA test. There is no need to be afraid of being wrong. Concerning our lives there is a clear cut differentiation for us to consider. Christ amplifies spiritual fruit while atheism deprives us of it.  Priorities differ phenomenally.