Author’s Journey


Welcome to, my legacy. This Internet location is my scratchpad of personal artifacts as compelled by 1st Peter.

The Origin of Faith

Our value of love is often relative to personal need. My own uniqueness has taken me so far away. What I have learned is that we self-destruct in the perceived absence of genuine love, especially for oneself. At such depth love becomes a grand prize, a gift I now desire. Below all others, when everybody is merely an object, where life has no purpose, and there is no accountability, when does this become a mental health issue, intellectually? Let us not ignore bloodshed, including suicide, as a spiritual issue.

Aside from the laws of physics, human nature, etc., there is an artistic freedom about us. I am spirited and so are you. Blind to secularists, human life incorporates a grand spiritual component.

I trust in the Lord not because I might go to hell, so not because of a fear of death, but because I subscribe to His trajectory on Love. I hope to abandon sin, not so much submissively as to further the beautiful creativity He artistically defines. The essence of my repentance is not set on whether I succeed or not but in knowing with clarity the path I trot. With this settled roadmap I am eternal.