I am Eternal


Welcome to HeavenlyRealms.com, my true social profile and potential legacy.  This Internet location is my scratchpad of personal artifacts concerning faith in Christ as compelled by 1st Peter 3.15.  This is not a journal.  A journal maintains history.  Rather it is a snapshot of my current spiritual state.  As a maturing student I am ever-correcting and growing my collection of knowledge and adjusting wisdom accordingly.

“Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have.”

If you are active in this field, why not read just a little more?  My blog posts are used to test intellect and draw people into participation but this student journal officiates my current position, which is under constant improvement.  Each iteration reflects my advancing maturity in Christ.

Flight from Atheism

Atheism can usher a person to very dark places, fully unabated, but most people do not go to such conceivable destinations, I think, because of our innate appreciation for love.  In my view, few atheists are extremist where love is wholly self-centered.

Atheism sets limitations on people.  Apart from Christ I for example have no lasting purpose in life and frankly neither would anybody else around me.  Notions of accountability, good and bad, and worthiness are indefensible moving targets making secular justice confusingly awkward.  Atheism tends to disregard art in support of situational randomness but I have found that God is a determined artist, an independent architect having the power to deliver life’s true joys with great precision.

Origin of Faith

I trust in the Lord not so much because Hell scares me, and not because I fear death, but because I subscribe to the His trajectory on Love. To embody this living art, I hope to abandon sin. The essence of my repentance is not set on success ratios but in knowing with obviousness the path I trot regardless of my expedience.  Welcome to Grace, thank you Messiah.

My Economy

Faith is realistically an enabler and from here on out it is my economy because my hope rests upon it.  There is no real argument between reason and faith.  Knowledge is not adoptable apart from faith.  Philosophically every person lives by faith, even the atheist.  I recognize with honesty that my faith hinges on the value I see in it, as absolute proof does not exist.  Committing sin however is an entirely different battlefield than upholding faith in Christ.  Spiritual warfare is a very personal moral struggle but for me there is a resonating baseline.  Holy justice, my devoted reverence.  To abandon experiential joy and encouraging hope, this would require absolute proof of impiety and this proof of course does not exist either.  To strengthen my economy and ever-lean further into holiness, this is my apprenticeship as a follower in Christ.

Proof that God Exists

The laws of human nature are interesting.  The only integration we have outside of self is sensation and perception, thus absolute proof is out of reach.   Human nature has us formulating information under the influence of many biases such as group bias and confirmation bias.  In the end, our personal brand of knowledge is adopted.  We can take facts to either side of the debate.  Ultimately, the quality of knowledge is measured by its consequences to us.  I shall interpret facts in accordance with God’s identity.