Prayer Strategy #1 – Ongoing Status Reports

Welcome to, my living story.

In my post Passionate Christians Live Intentionally, I have publicly committed to regular prayer in 2020 after articulating my onboard Christian roadmap.  I work for the Lord now.  Genuinely I am a good person but obviously I could be better.  Some of these battles frankly have gone on for years.  Prayer strategy #1 is meant to assist a veteran of spiritual warfare like myself.  Perhaps you could benefit from this initiative as well.  My strategy is that I am required to conduct status report meetings with my Lord daily.

I refuse to avoid this daily meeting even when I mess up.  I am clearly sovereign and acknowledge authority over these problems.

In my weakness there will likely not be more than one or two issues in the hopper at any given time.  The objective is to successfully correct discrepancies before taking on new assignments.  Under current operations let us follow a trajectory rather than pretending that perfection is at all reachable.  As such we should willfully prioritize our social conflicts.  According to my understanding of the Judeo-Christian Bible, all of us are already endowed with everlasting futures.  I have decided personally that any problems nurturing spiritual death outweigh those that prematurely push my transition from one layer of abstraction to the next.  I begin this strategy today, April 7, 2020.

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