“What Is” is a term that holistically encapsulates several classes of reality each with their own highly governed architecture. Humanity is rationally one of these implementations. Angels apparently operate within the confines of a different class for example. The human race is a distributed installation of purposeful code, both materially and spiritually, that brings you and I into existence, and into community.  DNA is an example of embedded material programming gifted at the time of conception born into this closed system of ours.
Understand that matter is recognized only through sensation. Absent of sensation (and perception), matter is not identifiable. The grand perception of matter is an individual view in accordance with on-board capabilities combined with the passion of faith. Our administrative freedom of knowledge and wisdom, and adoption of truth, is the instinctive responsibility of each person. The material world is an operational view, or applied communal interface. Physics therefore is an innate illusion of personal senses. Rightfully you are a spirited soul who owns the definition of Secularism. I for one have become a visitor of humanity.

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