Tripped Up

In the materialistic world where I am clearly positioned and where you are placed also, this life’s one and only objective is the creation of a winning value to meet trajectory desire, history predominantly. Born (again) into the Spirit of Holiness, I am but a wandering visitor who perceives that this iteration of maturity is parallel to the natural beautification of life. Anything goes in this age, fermenting extreme hatred, to deceive people into some conviction that hate is the opposite of love. But it is not. Do we really want to be free, I mean really free? Not me. Hate is not the opposite of love because both are competitively relational. The inverse of love is isolation–materialism at its peak. There indeed is a reverent Lord. So then I am now a follower of Christ due to easily-conceived wisdom. Isolation is the worst condition that one can experientially witness. It is an obstructive journey but Christ is plainly the Lord of my life and I am eternally grateful for this.

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