Why I am a Christian

I am a full-blooded Christian; by faith I was born (again).  For me this happens at the age of seventeen, in 1981.  People are often curious to hear my reason for this sudden change of perspective.  They likewise are interested in hearing stories of my radical experiences too.  No doubt the inquiry stands before me perpetually, and so at this time at 55 years of age, I am now determined to address it before it is too late to do so.  The bible says that it is important to respond because people do need to know.  Therefore, humbly so,  this has become my adopted charter, to explain this conversion of mine.

This work divulges my motivation for developing www.heavenlyrealms.com, in my own way under my own maturity level.

Earnestness was minimal in the day of my transformation, I honestly admit.  Even still 39 plus years afterward, I testify that I am anything but holy.  Life in course must play itself out.  Holiness owns reverence but we have so many challenges to conquer individually.  This approach of mine presents the only evidence I have, personal change if you will, a trotted path that nobody else identifies with personally.  My example is even likely inadequate.  Sigh.

It is very easy to hate people.  And it is very easy to hate oneself.  Submissive to human nature, as pompous judges, we tend to categorize good people from bad people against the accorded pretenses of wisdom.  Truthfully however, each person embodies both good and bad, making it impossible to judiciously group by such definitions, frustratingly so.  In reality our complaints envelope ethics and morality.  This is where Christ Jesus comes in to articulate matters.  Apart from double standards and self-centered bias, principally directed with consistence , his authority is demonstrated by the results of secularism.

There will be dramatic repercussions of conversion, as I have clearly experienced, but the transition itself from atheism to Christianity is not a radical maneuver.  Love pulls on every living soul regardless of confession.  Love is humanity’s greatest demand of life.  In its absolute absence, we always self-destruct.  Love is very practical and very relevant.  Life and death may be viewed in these terms rather than in materialistic terms.

Hate is not the inverse of Love.  Both love and hate are relational.  The absence of love is isolation.  Few people are really isolated except for the greatest freaks.  Most atheists are sniveling enigmas.  To the materialist, external objects do not exist in absence of human sensation.  The physical world is perceived only in this manner.  The pinnacle of atheism is materialism, the most isolated philosophy known.  Here, love can only be one-sided.  When a person identifies themselves as atheist, I see a person who currently promotes imbalanced love, as love is the only argument at hand.

So why do I believe in Christ Jesus?  It is because of my reverence for love.  I turned my back on isolation and secularism ever-proves my course daily.

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