Identifying God

Science cannot identify God because God is supernatural. Yet He is identifiable and therefore does exist.

One of the reasons why I trust in the Word is the doctrine that justice and injustice is defined by the spirit of love, rather than by worldly intellectuals and power seeking entities. But thank Christ for saving grace. Unyielding love, should this exist, calls out evil, but what is unwavering love? Love is relational. Beyond that debate is lively.

Everybody wants to be loved, you know… it’s another one of those great common denominators. Absent of love we might self-destruct. Love in a sense is self-gratifying isn’t it, to feel wanted. Fortunately it is so much more than that. How much we love, now that’s a different aspect altogether. Secular realities can cause a person to meter and effectively tune their expressional scope of love toward others, to secure a cradle of comfort, acquire competitiveness and for a myriad of other personal reasons. We all do this to some degree, right?

Despite current situations on this front, if one earnestly wanted to find the grandest definition and most appropriate scope of love on impartial terms, and desire to know the most beautiful implementation of love conceivable, God’s authority would be identified by reading and comprehending scripture. Then you might acknowledge that God is Love. The sword of the Spirit is plainly authoritative but you must see it for yourself.

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