What is your life strategy?

Things exist and therefore truth exists.  Truth must characterize authority and purpose to have any sort of durability.  Anyway, this is how I comprehend truth metaphysically.  As a side note I view the Holy Trinity similarly–the Father upholding authority, the Son with his creative “What Is”, and the Holy Ghost lording the articulated purpose.  As once announced openly, the “Fruit of the Spirit” is Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness, and Self-Control.  More about that in the future.

Speaking of fruit, however, with tongue in cheek, fruit gelatin reminds me vividly of a real human crisis, a private and primal predicament that impacts both you and me.  Objects of fruit set within a universe of gelatin.  This gelatin equates to perceived truth and the fruit represents all the people who have ever lived.  No two situations are the same.  Our positions are exclusive because of our unique thinking; thus, we are scattered all over the place.  Each one of us is different, not only by locality but in quality.  And quality impacts that which is around us.  We just want to know the truth dammit.  This is one of humanity’s great common denominators.  By design and physical makeup however we must rely upon faith, faith that being manufactured by reason within the limits of our isolated selves–the pillars of personal spirit and knowledge.

Humanity cannot grasp absolute proof.  We cannot escape this universe of gelatin, but our position clearly impacts thoughts, decisions, and actions that lead to lessor or greater joy.  It is personal spirit that sets us.  But faith extends a certain freedom.  Faith is the enabler that can be tested against our innate cravings to reimagine our mighty environment.

What is it that you crave?  What is the course of your life?  Let it be so.

Regardless of who we love, like, or otherwise, whomever crosses our path, I believe there is a single moral system that we all should commonly embody.  For my continued education, His personification of Love is one of the many reasons why I trust in God.

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