Nothing differentiates us like faith differentiates us

The better judgement of society generally avoids discriminations that are non-relevant. That which is most relevant are characteristics associated with one’s mind. We are judged and we judge others based on attitudes, character, inspirations, sensibility, will, and the like in order to best know the person, their mind. Personal desire steers personal will. We often identify value according to perceived gain. Where we are in life is largely our own doing. We have much control over ourselves.

A person’s intellectual faith depends on his or her personal desires. Faith defines individual spirit. For example, there exists no mutually exclusive facts between atheism and theism. Some people uphold faith that science will one day debunk God while others maintain faith in God’s Word. Intellectual faith defines us like none other for it exposes personal desire.

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It is not possible to attack faith outright without being hypocritical

Science gives us trusted hope but it is bound empirically. Its scope is grossly limited and it does not address many of life’s immediate needs. Our world ultimately demonstrates truth and we discriminately adopt it using reasonable faith. As an example most of us know who our parents are, without confirming it by DNA, but rather through witness. Every mind is intellectually isolated, relying upon imperfect sensation and biased perception. Proof is wholly subjective and as a result each person most certainly possesses both valid and invalid knowledge. Every person most certainly lacks knowledge. Nobody is omniscient so faith is ultimately our enabler. Faith empowers us in our personal endeavors. The absence of faith can save us from misguidance but can also suppress us from fortune. Faith is philosophically a necessity of life, exercised by all as a matter of fact.

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