Parallels of God’s Creation and a Complex Software System in Three Paragraphs

Time happens thus change is inevitable in most regards.  Accordingly the health and integrity of an established software system depends on routine maintenance and enhancements.  Evolution is perhaps God’s solution for the health and integrity of His physical composition of “What is”.

The user interface of a software system provides the “space” where interaction between humans and the complex system occur.  It is not incomprehensible that this space is finite.  Space is merely allocated as needed.  Perhaps the physical world provides the interactive “space” for life, where matter and energy is finite.  Our individual bodies might be viewed as integral components containing sensors and associative drivers (perception), to resolve personal isolation.

Design, in compliance to adopted architecture, stages an implementable solution with available resources and local desires.  Architecture preemptively establishes, with the stroke of the pen, a fundamentally intuitive holistic framework to realize the success of the vision centric system.  The vision, architecture, and design always prelude implementation.  Such is the case with God’s creation.


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