As an atheist-turned-Christian I ask, “What is so good about atheism anyway?”  Isn’t the answer simply unadulterated free will?  Unadulterated free will is obviously a personal vice and culturally nurtures social ill.  At least that is what this world demonstrates to us.  Righteousness is clearly therapeutic.  The depths of atheism are exceedingly offensive while the depths of God’s way are increasingly joyful.  I certainly would not want to adopt atheism blindly and forego the fruits of an authentic Judeo-Christian life.



Let us remind ourselves of this obvious rationale that all people are imperfect.  Look about and the world testifies to this.  Not one Christian is a perfect example of Christianity.  One cannot reasonably accuse Christianity for the actions of an individual or an organization executed by individuals.   But where we find the biblical truth, formally documented and publically shared, is in the Holy Bible.


Absolute truth forever escapes humanity whereas faith through reason never blindly rises to our need from the minute to the monumental enabling us autonomously in perpetual fashion.  And no doubt we profit as wisdom is proved right by her actions.  Bring forth atheism and theism, two faith-based adversaries.  See that both present resounding and compelling arguments and evidences.  Triumphantly the authority of Jesus Christ proves as the grandest most relevant and most meaningful of all.  The world demonstrates this plainly for all to witness.  Why not joyfully embrace this artistically beautiful experience for yourself?  And blossom.

A passionate Christian lives intentionally.  Practice this tenet and you will be blessed beyond anything otherwise afforded by government, employer, or self.  Follow this tenet and you will be a blessing to others.  If you are looking to invest your life in something worthwhile this is it.